Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's been ages!

Why hello world (meaning my two followers), how has life been treating you these last few months? I have had quite a number of exciting experiences, but I really don't have the time or inclination to relate them now. Suffice it to say, that I am now alive and living in Mongolia. I have been teaching at a secondary school for the last month and have forgotten most of my mongolian language already. I have made very very few changes in my school. I have introduced the word "vacation" as opposed to "holiday" and, just today, introduced "Yo, wuz up" to the mongolian-English vocabulary. What great accomplishments.

Despite the fact that I am teaching them nothing, my mongolian friends and neighbors are incredibly helpful and nice. They listen to me destroy their language daily and usually laugh with good humor. They also come over to my home and clean it for me, which I actually don't like. I happen to think my house is nice and comfortable...It has a lived-in feel to it. They also help me carry my water and chop my wood and show great solicitude about my cold feet. One of my co-teachers even brought me a pair of woolen slippers to keep my toesies warm.

From my porch, I can actually see Russia, though I cannot see the Russian president's house. There is a large and beautiful cathedral across the border from my town, and it is one of my first sights in the mornings. My cooking skills improve daily. I can now make a better omlette than I ever could manage in the states, I can fry dumplings with the best of them (not really...but decently enough), and I even managed to make steamed banana bread which was delicious. I lack nothing in my life right now to make me happy except maybe a hot shower and a visit from people back home.

I hope the world is in as contented of a state, but I doubt it. Have a wonderful next couple of months, if I forget to update this again.

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  1. "Yo, wuz up" is probably the most important English phrase any non-native speaker could possibly learn. While I was in Kuwait, the hawkers are the bazaars were always using things like "Yo, wuz up" and other, sometimes much more colorful, slang. Learning the language the proper way makes people sound unnatural. So keep on teaching them that good ol' American English. Like "vacation" instead of "holiday."