Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mongolian Root Canal

So, I woke up a week ago today with a terrible terrible toothache, so I called the Peace Corps doctor and caught the next taxi/meeker/bus trip into Ulaanbataar for a dentist appointment and was promptly told that I needed a root canal. Now, I've always been told and seen on TV that these are not pleasant procedures, but they are very very painful. Luckily, I have the disposition to kind of not remember the pain after it's over. So I know it was painful, but I don't really remember it now. I had three appointments during my week in UB and not one of them ended before I was in tears. Now, I have a week off from treatment before I go back to dentist next friday. I've decided to go home for this week. The toothache is entirely gone right now, I just have the weird feeling of a giant hole in my tooth.
I did get some really great stuff out of my trip to UB though. I got the chance to buy some nice American cereal for a fellow pcv that really wanted them, and I found Halloween costumes! I love halloween so this is a big deal. I'm going to be a skeleton. There were also pumpkins and I'm really regretting not buying one for a jack-o-lantern, but it's too late now. At the time, carrying one back to my soum seemed like a daunting task.
Anyway, right now I'm visiting some friends in Darkhan as a pit stop on the way home. I kind of feel guilty about this since I skipped out for so long already, but I wanted to see their apartment and visit for a while and then it was too late to find a ride back home. I'll leave early in the morning, so I won't miss out on too much time.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween, the best holiday there is. And Thanksgiving which is okay, but not nearly as cool.

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