Friday, December 3, 2010

Mongolian Dentists

Okay, so I went to the dentist actually a long time ago, but this is the first chance I've really had to update since then. This probably means that I'm going to exaggerate a lot since my imagination has had so long to work on the actual experience. In order to be more accurate I've decided to give a little summary of the tools used in order from most normal to the weirdest. Don't expect accuracy in naming the tools.

Hookie thingy - exactly the same as all dentist hook things. Used to scrap off plaque or whatever it is that they do.

Dentist drill - essentially normal, except that it seemed bigger and certainly made a much louder noise and caused my head to vibrate a little

X-ray - I suppose the x-ray itself it probably normalish, but i had to hold the film in place by myself. Also, for my first x-ray I had a towel to protect me from the rays, not sure how effective that was...

Mouth Guard - It was some very strange thing that went into my mouth and had a plastic hook for holding my tongue away from where the dentist was working. I'm pretty sure she broke it out for our last two dentist appointments because my tongue was very uncooperative for the first three appointments. She wasted so many of the cotton ball things trying to keep it out of the way. Anyway, the mouth guard thing seems like a good idea at first, but it is very very uncomfortable.

Local Anesthetic - I got real numbing medicine too, but the local anesthetic is basically lip gloss which is (supposedly) capable of numbing. After several hundred seconds (no idea how long it actually was, but by the time the procedure was almost over) my lips actually did start to tingle with numbness. I still don't know why they decided that my lip needed to be numb for the root canal.

Push-Pins (of infinite evil) - The push-pins were the most painful part of my mongolian dentistry experience. My dentist had a large assortment of these things in multiple colors and lengths, but they are essentially very very long and thin push pins which were used to scrap out the inside of my tooth. They were used just about every appointment and by the last time just the sight of them made me flinch away. Scary things, hope you never see them.

Metal Rod - Not at all sure what this was used for, but it is exactly what it sounds like. It was a metal rod...which was held under an open flame (lighter) for a while until it was burning hot and then placed into my mouth. It actually didn't hurt, just was really really freaky to smell burning tooth.

Anyway, after 5 appointments my tooth feels 100% better, so all the strange tools did their job appropriately. Talk to every one later...