Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I don't know if anyone has ever not wanted to do their work as much as I don't want to right now. I suppose some of the Nazi soldiers at the death camps probably had their reservations, but I'm not willing to grant any other exceptions.
I'm supposed to be writing lesson plans right now. Not a great many lesson plans and not with any oversight or standards to meet. I could be finished in about 5 minutes if I could just get my head around this mental road block. I honestly probably need to write 50 more words to be completely finished with the 10th grade lesson planning, and yet here I sit, typing far more than 50 words and I'm not even sure who I'm typing them to and if I'll ever do anything with them.
The aimag education department is supposed to visit my school sometime this week (tomorrow according to the schedule) and check my teacher's lesson plans. I've known for weeks that I needed to write lesson plans for the 9th and 11th grades. My teacher and I agreed to divide the lesson plans to make it easier on both of us. It was well planned out and she's finished her part of the bargain. Today, my other counterpart asked me to write lesson plans for 2 full semesters of 10th grade for tomorrow, I told her no and agreed to write a few lesson plans instead.
For some reason, I decided to do those few lesson plans instead of finishing the ones I agreed to write weeks ago; and now it's possible that I won't finish either. That's not true, I will finish the 10th grade before I go to sleep. I really had hoped to take today off, at least after my lessons, for a holiday. It's true that I don't have any of the traditional reasons to celebrate Valentine's day. But I really was in the mood for a nice American celebration. I wanted to watch Pride and Prejudice while eating chocolate and heart shaped foods with no concerns in the world. I found some chocolate and some heart shaped cookies, but as I skipped and fast-forwarded through Pride and Prejudice I felt guilty for not working on my lesson plans. Guilt ruins holiday celebrations. Also Mr. Darcy's proposal isn't as entertaining when rushed. All and all a failure of a holiday. Next major American celebration is St.Patrick's Day which will probably be overshadowed by women's and men's day. Guess I could try to pull of an amazing prank for April Fool's Day.
Anyway, happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, family and to all the strangers too. I hope everyone got to do something to make themselves and someone else happy or comfortable today.